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The Armando Alvarez Group is currently the largest Spanish processor of polyethylene plastic film. Comprised of a group of top quality companies that complement each other, the group today is part of a reduced group of companies that are leaders in their field in all of Europe. The current leadership position in the industry was achieved step by step, following a strategy of acquiring companies that complement the main product lines. The corporate governance guides described in the code complement the contents of the corporate bylaws for each company within the Armando Alvarez Group. Following the corresponding bylaws and applicable legislation framework, all the group's companies implement this Code of Good Governance for Directors. The Good Governance Code establishes the conduct guidelines for the management of the companies comprised in the group. It also reaffirms the existing commitment to observe ethical principles towards third parties linked to the company, like the Government, the community, shareholders, and other investors. These principles are compulsory; criteria in the interpretation and application of this Code, as are the vision, mission, corporate philosophy, and strategic objectives.


To promote resource circularity to sustainably grow over time.


Innovation, Trust, Commitment and Responsibility.

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