Increasing popularity and availability of products containing cannabinoids is driving considerable growth in the demand for many different grades of cannabis. Like any industry experiencing rapid growth and research, the variety of cultivation techniques is wide, yet all share the same goal of optimal production and yields.

Two of the most important factors that effect the rate of cannabinoid concentration are controlled by the grower: environmental factors and plant genetics. Choosing the type of structure and cover is a fundamental decision.

The type of film chosen is critical in fully realizing the potential of the strain chosen. When the cannabis plants shift into the blooming phase, cannabinoid synthesis within the trichome begins. By optimizing the spectrum of light that the plants receive, broad and inclusive of UV light, higher concentrations of cannabinoids can be achieved.

Over the past 10 years, our R&D department has been conducting on-the-ground research and trials which have enables us to develop the most technical family of plastic covers for cannabis and hemp cultivation.


  • High total light transmission and optimal diffusion, adapted to geographic location and growing conditions
  • UV Open for enhanced cannabinoid content
  • Opaque and extremely durable black/white light deprivation films
  • Industry leading film widths and fold patterns available

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