Sustainability is one of SPR's main pillars. Therefore reducing food waste, increasing shelf-life and reducing packaging weight are among our main goals for this market.  Gaining understanding of our customers’ operation and requirements really helps us to provide the right solution to each and every need.

By leveraging our extensive experience in film extrusion, SPR is a proven leader in producing advanced food grade packaging. We work closely with our customers to provide flexible packaging that meets their unique needs. One way this has been demonstrated in by effectively down-gauging film which reduces waste. Our innovations in resin chemistry offer increased shelf life in certain applications. We share the long-term goals of our business partners to focus on sustainability as a foundation of effective food packaging.

Food Related Markets

Baked Goods

  • Bread
  • Buns
  • Bagels
  • English Muffins



  • Our extrusion lines feature 5-layer co-extrusion for improved mechanical and optical properties.
  • ‘Down-gauge’ of plastic bags allows to reduce overall packing weight, conserves material, and lowers your bottom-line packaging cost.
  • Polyethylene blends preserve recyclability of our materials.

SPR’s bag converting lines are state of the art and we are versatile for special requirements of your bags design:

  • Wide range of length, width, gusset, lip dimensions
  • Number of bags per wicket
  • Front-wicket or reverse-wicket packing
  • All major gusset styles (flat, round, square)
  • Various wicket hole sizes
  • Precise placement of vent holes (select applications)
  • Sticker, label or coupon application for product differentiation and marketing projects


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