Protected agriculture is continually consolidating as the best option to shield crops from increasingly unpredictable and damaging weather conditions while also significantly optimizing crop yields and improving the return on investment of agricultural projects.

At SPR Agri and the Armando Alvarez Group we have on-the-ground experience in agriculture that, when combined with extensive know-how and technological capabilities, enable us to create products that help make agricultural operations as effective as possible.

The development of our materials starts at growing operations and is fine-tuned at our research and development centres. We have the latest technology available, capable of developing materials in 5- and 7-layers, in addition to the production of our own, proprietary masterbatches, that enable us to adapt our products to the needs of growers.

We have been serving farmers in more than 100 countries for more than 50 years and we have a sales and technical team with extensive experience ready to advise you at all times.


The primary advantage of bagging silage is that it reduces exposure to oxygen, improving the quality of the silage feed and promotes anaerobic fermentation. A silage bag storage system gives you the flexibility to meet changing feed storage needs. Green Bag silage bags´ special formulation allows for more compaction and capacity, resulting in improved conservation, higher nutritional values and less waste.

  • High resistance to “slumping”, low foot print
  • Very low oxygen permeability
  • Optimized thickness
  • Long-lasting warranty (up to 24 months)
  • Designed for storage in extreme climates – high UV and cold conditions
  • Easier handling + saved time and space, less waste and CO2 footprint
  • Compatible with all type of baggers


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