Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Thanks to our GPT technology we can substitute lamination, reduce gauge, and deliver a product that is 100% recyclable. By using this advanced technology, you are not only choosing a sustainable solution with improved technical properties; GPT’s other primary function is superior print OFFERED IN finish such as glossy AND / or matte FINISHES appearance.

GPT key benefits to our customers:


1.Ready to ship product. No drying or curing time required.

2.Superior ink protection.

  • GPT offers the customer 1000’s of hours of ink protection in multiple environments.
  • Up to 10 colors to achieve all your printing needs in the flexoworld.

3.High Gloss finish that offers the customer the appearance needed for the added value market.

4.Matte Gloss finish offers the customer a softer finish for the contract between shine. The ability to use both High and Matte on the same GPT produc

5.Acceptable inks for food packaging applications

6.This application is 100% recyclable for the end customer.

7.GPT can be used in the reverse print applications.

8.GPT can be used on different types of substates:

  • PE
  • PET
  • PP

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