Flower cultivation is one of the most technical sectors in regards to requirements for materials with very specific optical properties that have a decisive influence on the outcome of the crop. The Armando Alvarez Group has more than 30 years’ experience in this sector and in the key producing countries of the world including Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya & Ethiopia. Our ability to manufacture our own proprietary additives gives our materials an exclusive capability to be able to adapt to your crop.

Film properties:

Increased production
Thermal plastics that maintain an adequate temperature oscillation to improve flower quality.
Excellent protection against adverse atmospheric agents (rain, frost, excess solar radiation...).
Color preservation.

o UV-open, allows and intensifies color fixation.

o UV-closed, avoids blackening of petal edges and reduces diseases.

Increase in the number of stems per square meter and, consequently, productivity.
Increased bud diameter.


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