2 in 1 silage cover


2 in 1 silage cover


An all-in-one silage bunker cover folded together with a separate underlayer film for the efficientapplication of both films in one pass. Creates a double layer of protection for air-tight bunkers that reduce spoilage. Easy-to-install and one-time application that reduces labor costs and eliminates the risk of tearing of the film.


  • conform perfectly to the silage pile, avoiding air pockets that cause spoilage
  • Both the underlayer and bunker cover layers are completely recyclable
  • Long-lasting warranty (up to 18 months)
  • Safer,more efficient with up to 50% faster application times
  • Easier, faster and safer installation
  • Significant time savings during the covering process
  • Available with our exclusive Oxygen Barrier underlayer


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